Our company values are the most important things to us.

Value Driven

  • We deliver great value to every client​
  • We are obsessive helping our clients grow their businesses​
  • We push ourselves to go beyond what was previously capable to achieve more



  • Find, hire & nurture the best people who are coachable​
  • We do everything with honesty & integrity with clients & each other​
  • We hire hard working & all-in people
  • We are good teammates – respectful, compassionate & mindful


  • We believe collaboration is the best way to create ideas and solve problems
  • We do this internally as well as with our clients
  • Good collaboration only comes with great communication
  • We consistently embrace change

Process Improvement

  • We believe great processes lead to greater results
  • We believe great processes lead to greater efficiencies for everyone
  • We believe great processes elevate our people & reputation

Giving Back

  • We put a portion of the profits of NorthStar to causes we believe in​
  • We use community events to help others and build a team environment
  • “Giving Tree” represents an opportunity for all NorthStar teammates to give their time and resources to motivate others to do the same