We usually deliver $1 – $1.5 million in new revenue to our clients within the first 12 months of the engagement.

Create a list of high level prospect opportunities.
Create monthly campaigns that reach thousands of companies.
We will track 60% of website visitors through the Site Sonar tool to create leads.
4 - Targeted Calling
When email and website visits do not work, we will target call prospects.
5 - Appointments & Quoting
The leads gathered will create appointment and quoting opportunities.
6 - Sales Process Training
We train new and veteran salespeople and develop Sales Road Maps that lead to Sales Playbooks.
7 - Recruitment
We help find new talented employees.

Goal #1 – List Building

We create a list of high-level prospect opportunities out of our 212 million contacts. Your company will see good opportunities and we target those prospects for a meaningful discussion regarding their needs for your company’s solutions.

Goal #2 – Email/LinkedIn Campaigns

We create monthly email campaigns to go out to thousands of companies in the our database of places in the US that have needs for your products and services. Through our partnership with Zoom and SEOptiks, we have access to 212 million contacts in companies and decision makers.  Our messaging through email, social media, and LinkedIn, through our automation software watches the behaviors of targeted prospects and reaches out to them with your assigned Revenue Specialist once the prospect clicks on a link to your web site, white paper, case study or video.

Goal #3 – Website Tracking

When a prospect visits your web site, we can track 60% of those visitors through a tool we call Site Sonar, which allows us to identify the company, contact, and email address without them volunteering that information.  All those users will receive a phone call from your Revenue Specialist within 24 hours of the visit.

Goal #4 – Targeted Calling

When we are unsuccessful emailing and getting prospects to visit your company’s website then we will target call the right prospects and pitch them your value while qualifying the opportunity.

Goal #5 – Appointments/Quoting Opps

Goals 2, 3, & 4 will lead to creating quality appointments for your company with prospects that have needs for your solutions.

Goal #6 – Sales Process Development & Training

We have helped many of our clients develop sales processes, train new and veteran salespeople and develop sales road maps that lead to sales playbooks.  The development and training are flexible – on-line, one on one coaching, group training through Zoom or in person are all ways we connect with your sales team to make them more effective.

Goal #7 – Recruitment

At NorthStar, we help companies grow. One of the ways we do that is by helping many of our clients find new employees. In the past 12 months, we have found the following new hires for our clients:

  • Salespeople
  • Engineers – Mechanical, Electrical, Design, Aerospace, Petroleum
  • Accounting – Staff Accountant, Controller, Bookkeeper, CFO
  • Operations – Director of Operations, Operations Manager, Shift Supervisors
  • Field Technicians – All Types
  • Machine Technicians – All Types
  • Welders – All Types
  • Machinists – Manual, CNC, 3, 4 and 5 Axis
  • Machine Operators
  • Quality Control Supervisors/Managers

Reasons to work with NorthStar:

  • 1
    The total investment to accomplish the service deliverables is significantly less than attempting to recruit, hire and train one or more new salespeople to achieve desired sales results.
  • 2

    Creating an Opportunity List that is focused on the correct markets, with the right contacts is difficult at best. With our ability to use multiple list companies, you receive highly qualified targets.

  • 3

    Setting quality appointments with targeted larger new business prospects is one of the most difficult and undesirable activities that salespeople must accomplish. Investing in NorthStar Group’s professional calling team eliminates that problem and enables salespeople to focus on talking directly with prospective customers that have a need for what our clients can deliver thereby shortening sales cycles and improving sales close rates.

  • 4

    Using our services to build out a Sales Playbook and provide relevant training and coaching can increase the efficiencies and effectiveness of the sales efforts. It can help close new business faster and often at higher margins.

Our Accountability:

  • 1

    Call Recordings – Every time we set up an appointment for one of our clients, we not only send them a calendar invite to the salesperson, but we also send them the detailed notes about the prospect, the prospect’s business, and their needs. Finally, and most importantly, the salesperson receives the call recording of the conversation in applicable consenting states. These recordings lend insight into what the prospect was interested in and the details about their business.

  • 2

    Weekly Check-In Meetings – On the Weekly Check-In Meetings we focus on the appointments from the previous week. Were they quality? How would a salesperson grade the call (5=Excellent…1=Poor)? We also focus on objections our specialist is getting when trying to setup an appointment. This gives you and your salesperson a chance to “coach” our specialist every week. We also tackle what quotes have been given, business won or lost and how we can get more “wins” and new business every week.

  • 3

    90 Day Review – Every 90 days we have a review of our progress together. We look at things like – number of dials we have made, number of appointments set, average quality scores of the appointments, business quoted, business won, training completed, etc.

Real-life results

We generate real results for our clients

Cambridge Air Solutions hired us to help them improve and develop their agency rep group sales playbook. Four months later, Cambridge had a 66-page Sales Playbook that has become their model for training and tracking their sales agents. It is also their primary tool for on-boarding new agencies.

Genesys System Integrators sells their system integration services to Fortune 500 companies. They needed a way to teach their application engineers, who spend their time on-site with the Fortune 500 companies, how to uncover, develop, and sell more project work to those companies. They hired us to help them in that process and through a six-month training program, we helped 15 application engineers become better sales prospectors develop the necessary skills to uncover opportunities and solve problems. As a result, one of their clients has gone from spending $30 million annually to spending $80 million in just 5 years.