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Let’s grow, together.

Lead Generation

We help you increase qualified prospects, set appointments, improve your sales team close ratio and ultimately, make you increase your revenue.


We find your perfect recruit, in less time, with less hassle. 90% of the recruits we find are currently employed and never applied for the job. We bring them to you at a lower cost and in less time.

Digital Marketing

Our Branding Team has the expertise and creativity to support your needs in the following areas: branding, logo design, website design, video production, designing marketing materials, content marketing, email marketing, press release writing, and presentation development.

Sales Training

With nearly 200 years’ collective knowledge, our team uses our extensive backgrounds to pass that knowledge along to you and your team for ongoing learning. We offer programs that use the latest techniques and concepts to keep your sales team ready for success.

Let’s grow.

Consistent prospects to help your business grow.

We help you increase qualified prospects, set appointments, and improve your sales team’s close ratio.

  • Our team builds a qualified list of leads, makes contact to warm them up, and then sets appointments so your sales team can make deals happen.

  • We also help reduce costs by effectively targeting prospects with the right messaging, at the right time, and in the right place.

  • Whether you need help with your website, messaging, video production, email campaigns, or other marketing endeavors, our experts are ready to assist.

No fluff, just the facts.

Real clients, real results.

No fluff, just the facts.

Real clients,
real results.


Winnable Dollars

Nordco/Shuttlewagon | Kansas City, MO

“As a result of our engagement with NorthStar we have quoted over $66,000,000.00 in our first 2 years of appointment setting. We sold in excess of $18,000,000. NorthStar has also helped us streamline our sales process to speed up the sales cycle timeline and enhanced our parts and service business. Their recruiting team found us 20 Field Service Technicians, 1 Service Advisor, 3 Operators, 4 Assistant Operators, 2 Field Tech Trainers and a Director of Sales in Parts & Service.”


VP of Business Development – James Nagel


Annual Income

Consolidated Machine Tool (CMT) | Wichita, KS

“We hired NorthStar to help us grow our business in the aerospace industry. We have 9 locations across the U.S. focusing on all types of machining. NorthStar got us in front of SpaceX, Bell Helicopter, Airbus Military, Airbus Helicopters, Yaskawa America, Gulfstream Aerospace, Donaldson Company, Ametek Rotron. Because of NorthStar’s efforts we won a $9 million annual project.”

VP of Sales – Robert Koenigsman


Quoting Opportunities

Genesys Systems Integrators | Kansas City, MO

“NorthStar started opening doors for us in February of 2018. That has led to three or four large quoting opportunities, the most prominent one being eight specific capital projects with Bridgestone/Firestone Tire in Iowa exceeding $2,000,000 per year.”

Director of Business Development – David Stanley


Quoting & Project Opportunities

IFC Industries | Pleasant Hill, MO

“In 2020, all before COVID, some of our larger customers began trending downward.  NorthStar put some very large opportunities in front of us and many of them have now become new customers. Since NorthStar’s involvement, we have quoted almost $2,500,000 in quotes and projects.”


President – Bob Krug


Quoting Opportunities

Forged Products | Houston, TX

“NorthStar was instrumental in helping us find new opportunities through COVID–to the degree that it helped us save our year (2020). To date, we have quoted over $3 million in sales and won 50% of that business all thanks to NorthStar opening the doors.”

President – Jerry Skweres


Acquired Business

Faubion Tank | Carthage, MO

“NorthStar has been generating the right opportunities for us for over 4 years. As a result, we have obtained business totaling over $3 million in that period of time. We’ve gotten into some other types of tanks as a result of NorthStar finding great opportunities for us.”

President – Dan Faubion


Quoting Opportunities

Ultra Tech | Kansas City, KS

“We engaged NorthStar when I was brought in to turn the company around financially.  We needed to cut costs while also finding new customers and revenue.  I began working with NorthStar in June of 2022 and in a short period of time we had upwards of 500K in quoting opportunities along with a conversation with Oshkosh Defense, an organization I’d been trying to get for 6 years.  NorthStar got us in front of a key decision maker in 60 days.  In a 10 month period we’ve quoted over $3 million in opportunities.”

President – Fred Stipkovits


Quoting Opportunities

Wiese USA | St. Louis/Kansas City, MO

“In 2.5 months, NorthStar put us in front of 33 of our 50 targeted companies, some of which we had been trying to work with for over 3 years. In 6 months’ time we have quoted a $1,500,000 material handling project and another opportunity involving 52 forklifts (approx. $1,800,000). NorthStar’s successful efforts are leading them into other Wiese offices throughout the Midwest. “

Director of Sales – Greg Topjon


Successfully Acquired

CK Environmental | Boston, MA

“In one year of working with NorthStar we landed our largest contract in the history of the business. We also landed several others. We got so busy we had to put NorthStar on hold for three months.”

VP of Sales – Kevin Kelley

One-of-a-kind Revenue Strategies

Some set business goals. We execute revenue plans.

Here’s how we do it.

One-of-a-kind Revenue Strategies

Some set business goals.
We execute revenue plans.

Building Great Targets

Promising new opportunities start with “Building Great Targets.” This means we must have great target lists to get to focus our client’s messaging on each week. Our Research/Data Team uses several different list companies and our own robust database of companies throughout the Americas, to develop excellent targets for our Rev Ops Team to engage. We call this list the Target Account List (TAL).

Driving Digital Messaging

Through content marketing, LinkedIn optimization, and our own content writers, we engage the TAL contacts digitally until they click on links to your landing pages, web site(s) or videos. Then we know they are ready to be contacted by one of our Revenue Specialists (Rev Specialists) who would represent your company.

Multiple Engagement Points

We use phone and email to engage decision makers that have given us indicators that they are ready for a conversation. Those range between 7-15 minutes and qualify the opportunity for your company. Every member of our Rev Ops Team has a minimum of 10+ years of experience cold calling and selling over the phone.

Sales Team Training

Our highly qualified Sales Trainers can do anything from teach a Group Training Course to Individual Training to the Development of Training Content to building On-Line Training courses for your Sales Team. Every training program we write, administer, and train on, is done in your environment with your tools and scenarios, no cookie cutter training program, everything is customized to your environment.

Our Clients

Our clients are primarily manufacturers, distributors and service-based businesses selling into the 19 different markets in the U.S. We come from manufacturing and distribution backgrounds, so that is where we have focused our time and attention over the years.

Our Technology

We use Switch Dial Technology, so if we call into an area code of (847) as an example, then our number switches to an (847) area code. Decision makers are 35% more likely to answer the phone call if they think it is a local call. Every call we make is recorded, so every appointment we set comes with the details of the call This allows the transition from how we set the meeting to our client salesperson to appear seamless.

Our Success

Value for most of our clients is defined by setting collaborative expectations, constant communication and achieving great sales results together. The year of 2022 was a record setting year for NorthStar through with our clients quoting and winning more new sales dollars than any other year in our existence. Millions of dollars were quoted and won by our clients with brand new customers they added in 2022.


We are a great resource for your organization if you need help finding and engaging new resellers, rep groups, or distributors to represent your products or services. We have relationships with over 400 of those types of businesses and understand the products/services they sell, the markets they pursue and the geography they cover.